This book is the milk pdf gratis

This book is the milk pdf gratis

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Recruiting the Heart, Training the Brain Tells the story of how Latino Health Access developed its groundbreaking model of peer-to-peer outreach and education in Santa Ana, California to address health problems exacerbated by poverty and discrimination. Their strategies and accomplishments will inspire change across an increasingly unhealthy America. Focuses on developing actionable alternatives to hazardous conditions and organizing for improvements. Health Actions for Women Provides inspiring activities, strategies, and stories that help challenge violence against women, improve access to family planning, foster safe motherhood, promote strategies for better sexual health, counteract restrictive gender roles, and improve health services for women and girls.

Where There Is No Doctor The most widely-used health care manual for health workers, educators, and others involved in primary health care and health promotion around the world. Current edition includes updated information on malaria, HIV, and more. Topics include nutrition, belly pain and diarrhea, water and sanitation, and care for pregnant women, newborns, and children. Where There Is No Dentist This basic dental manual uses clear language and step-by-step instructions to discuss preventive care of teeth and gums, diagnosis and treatment of common dental problems, and oral health and HIV.

Where Women Have No Doctor An essential resource that helps a community understand, treat, and prevent many health problems that affect women. Topics include reproductive health, violence, mental health, HIV, and more. A Book for Midwives A vital resource for practicing midwives and midwifery training programs around the world, this book covers the essentials of care before, during, and after birth. UNICEF guidelines for mothers and newborns. Helping Health Workers Learn An indispensable resource for health educators, this book provides hundreds of methods, aids, and learning strategies to make health education engaging and effective, encouraging community involvement through participatory education. A Community Guide to Environmental Health This guide contains information, activities, stories, and instructions for simple technologies that help health promoters, environmental activists, and community leaders take charge of their environmental health. Disabled Village Children This manual contains a wealth of clear and detailed information along with easy-to-implement strategies for all who are concerned about the well being of children with disabilities, especially those living in communities with limited resources.

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