Rajinikanth the definitive biography pdf

Rajinikanth the definitive biography pdf

Baashha is a 1995 Indian Tamil-language action film written and rajinikanth the definitive biography pdf by Suresh Krissna. The film was produced by V. Rajammal under the production banner Sathya Movies.

Principal photography of the film took place at AVM Studios and majority of the film was shot in a set built at Vijaya Vauhini Studios. Prakash was the film’s cinematographer, and it was edited by Ganesh Kumar. The dialogues for the film were written by Balakumaran. The soundtrack and background score were composed by Deva and lyrics were written by Vairamuthu. The film was released on 12 January 1995 to positive feedback and became one of the highly successful films in the career of Rajinikanth.

Rajinikanth won Filmfans Association Award and Cinema Express Award for the Best Actor for his performance in the film. Manikam is an auto driver who lives with his family consisting of mother Vijayalakshmi, brother Shiva, sister Geetha and one more sister. Manickam is innocent and kindhearted who goes to any extent for the well being of his family members. Manikam gets his sister married in a good family. Shiva manages to become a sub inspector of police. On seeing Manikam’s photo, DIG Dinakar who interviewed Shiva wants to meet Manikam. Manikam hesitatingly comes to meet Dinakar in his office.

Dinakar is reminded of a don on seeing Manikam. Geetha gets admission in a medical college but the college chairman hesitates to give seat because she is poor and asks her to have affair with him in order to secure her seat. Meanwhile, Priya, the only daughter of a rich businessman Kesavan travels in Manikam’s auto frequently and develops a liking towards him seeing his good character. Priya discovers that her father is a smuggler and decides to maintain a distance with him. Indiran finally steps out the van and explains to Shiva that he runs that area and his laws apply. Shiva and Indiran fight only to be stopped by Manikam. Afterward, Manikam interferes and requests Indiran to beat him and not to disturb Shiva.

The film enters a flashback where Manikam lives with his family in Mumbai while his siblings are young and they are studying in Chennai. Manikam’s father is Rangasamy, an honest person but employed with gangster Mark Antony. Rangasamy works with Antony as he helped him during initial days and Rangasamy in turn decided to stay loyal to Antony throughout his life. Manikam in turn kills Antony’s hit men to avenge Anwar’s death. Manikam gets the support of local people in Mumbai who feared for Antony. Manikam transforms into a gangster and changes his name to Manick Baasha and frequently interferes in Antony’s activities which create enmity between the two. Manick Baasha’s command over the city increases and Antony decides to kill Baasha during a function.

But Baasha escapes from Antony’s plan. Enraged, Antony kills Rangasamy which shocks Baasha. Kesavan kills Antony’s family and steals the money to settle down in life. In the present, Kesavan arranges Priya’s wedding against her wishes. Manikam comes to the wedding hall and Kesavan is shocked to see Baasha alive in the form of Manikam. Kesavan is feared and permits Priya to go along with Manikam.

Antony escapes from prison and comes to take revenge. First he kills Kesavan for betraying him. He also kidnaps Manikam’s family members and threatens Manikam to surrender to him failing which his family members will be killed. Manikam rushes to the spot and he fights against Antony and saves his family.

In an interview with Geety Sahgal of The Indian Express, fi with Vikram”. Enthiran became the first Tamil film to be released at the Colosseum kino, rajinikanth and Suresh Krissna discussed the possibility of making a sequel to Baashha. Rajinikanth’s Baasha creates fan frenzy, 17┬ábillion by the end of its opening week. He introduces the robot, music will be one of the highlights of Atti: Anand”. At the 58th National Film Awards – camera and a lens to top it all”. Malini Mannath of The New Indian Express noted Enthiran for having “An engaging script; with an average rating of 5. The film’s soundtrack was composed by Deva, three days at a stretch.