Pharmaceutical analysis laboratory manual pdf

Pharmaceutical analysis laboratory manual pdf

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Scientists at Imperial College London have tested how pathogens interact with artificial human organs. Artificial human organs, or organ-on-chip technologies, simulate a whole organ’s cell make up and physiology. Now, researchers from Imperial are using this technology to determine how pathogens interact with artificial organs. They hope it will help us to better understand the resulting disease and develop new treatments. In particular, the team used an artificial liver — originally developed at MIT, the University of Oxford, and biotechnology company CN Bio Innovations — and tested its response to hepatitis B virus infection. Organs-on-chips house live human cells on scaffolds that are physiologically, mechanically, and structurally similar to the emulated organ.

Drugs or viruses are passed through the cells via tubes that simulate blood flow through the body. Hepatitis B is very infectious and causes liver cancer and cirrhosis. Thus, the researchers say, it was the best virus to use for the first test as its interactions with the immune system and liver cells are complex, but with devastating consequences for the tissues. 3D microfluidic liver cultures as a physiological preclinical tool for hepatitis B virus infection. People having surgery in low income countries are more likely to develop an infection than those in wealthier nations, which may be linked to drug-resistant bacteria, research suggests. The findings shed light on a link between antibiotic use and infection and highlight an urgent need to tackle surgical infection in low income nations, scientists say.

Infection at the site of a surgical wound is a complication that prolongs recovery times for patients and can be fatal. Until now, the extent of the problem in low income countries was unknown. To address this, researchers looked at hospital records — from 66 low, middle and high income countries — for more than 12,000 patients undergoing surgery on the digestive system. Patients in low income countries were 60 per cent more likely to have an infection in the weeks following an operation compared with high and middle income countries. Those who developed a wound infection were more likely to die, although the infection was not necessarily the cause of death. Infected patients were also found to stay in hospital three times longer.

Drug-resistant bacteria do not respond to antibiotics, making it hard to treat infection. Their spread has been linked to overuse of antibiotics and is an urgent global healthcare challenge. Surgical site infection after gastrointestinal surgery in high-income, middle-income, and low-income countries: a prospective, international, multicentre cohort study. New research has uncovered a mechanism by which the bacteria that cause Lyme disease fight innate immune responses, and observed a never-before-seen phenomena demonstrating the bacteria can spring back in the body weeks later. Researchers have uncovered a mechanism by which the bacteria that cause Lyme disease persist in the human body and fight the body’s early, innate immune responses. He has also observed a never-before-seen phenomena demonstrating that even without this protein and with the immune system responding perfectly, the bacteria can spring back in the body weeks later.

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