Operating system book by william stalling pdf

Operating system book by william stalling pdf

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Includes good set of tutorial notes. Includes very good set of lecture notes. Includes lecture notes and some interesting links. Includes some good VHDL-based labs, lecture notes, and some interesting links.

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WWW Computer Architecture Home Page: A comprehensive index to information relevant to computer architecture researchers, including architecture groups and projects, technical organizations, literature, employment, and commercial information. Information on specific processors, including technical papers, product information, and latest announcements. ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Architecture. Information on SIGARCH activities and publications, good set of useful links. IEEE Technical Committee on Computer Architecture.

Copies of TCCA newsletter, useful links. Motorola’s home page for the PowerPC. IBM’s home page for the PowerPC. Provides access to a wide range of Intel documents. Provides links to a number of web sites dealing with the history of computers. Chapter 3 – System Buses PCI Pointers Links to PCI vendors and other sources of information. PCI Special Interest Group Information about PCI specifications and products.

Chapter 4 – Internal Memory The RAM Guide Good overview of RAM technology plus a number of useful links. Chapter 5 – External Memory RAID Advisory Board RAID industry group. T10 is a Technical Committee of the National Committee on Information Technology Standards and is responsible for lower-level interfaces. Includes technical information and vendor pointers. Includes technical information and vendor pointers on firewire. Chapter 7 – Operating Systems The Operating System Resource Center A useful collection of documents and papers on a wide range of OS topics.

Review of Operating Systems A comprehensive review of commerical, free, research and hobby OSs. ACM Special Interest Group on Operating Systems. Information on SIGOPS publications and conferences. Chapter 8 – Computer Arithmetic IEEE 754. The IEEE 754 documents, related publications and papers, and a useful set of links related to computer arithmetic.

Chapter 9 – Instruction Sets Gavin’s Guide to 80×86 Assembly. A good, concise overview of x86 assembler language. The Art of Assembly Language Programming. A 1500-page on-line mega-book on the subject.