National security act of 1947 pdf

National security act of 1947 pdf

National security act of 1947 pdf Article proffers a hitherto understated mechanism for the establishment, maintenance and cogent analysis of national security: the establishment and maintenance of religious pluralism. To date, official positions and scholarship sparingly comment on this assertion.

To address these gaps and to offer a fresh perspective on this subject, this Article undertakes a legal analysis to buttress the notion that U. Stated simply: There is not a single nation in the world that both respects religious freedom and poses a security threat to the United States. In the 1660s, Congregationalists tortured and hanged four Quaker missionaries in Boston Common. Yet a century later, Americans introduced a standard of religious liberty that remains a model for statecraft up to the modern day. The Obama administration has defined national security in terms of domestic intelligence, economy, education, energy, federal deficit reduction, healthcare, immigration, infrastructure, natural disasters, organized crime, science and innovation, trade, and travel. Article, national security would be best served by including the establishment and maintenance of global religious pluralism as a central component of its strategy. That religious expression should generally be factored into national security is not a recent notion.

First, this Article provides an overview of the current understanding and weaknesses of national security as well as an introduction and justification for the implementation of the proposed NNSP. Why have policymakers failed to incorporate religious pluralism into U. To date, no agreed upon definition of national security exists. Policy makers cannot assume that national security objectives can be achieved through democratization, while leaving religious pluralism unaddressed. Thomas Farr notes that following 2001, when a democratic constitution and government were introduced into Afghanistan, the persecution of Afghani women and minority Shiite Muslims significantly declined.

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Additionally, in 1999, the House International Relations Committee was briefed regarding regimes or non-state actors considered gross violators of religious freedom. Afghani Taliban, China, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, and Sudan. Nazi Reich cult, to atheistic communism, to Serbian Orthodox nationalism, to Arab Baathism, to Islamist theocracy, to militant jihadism as practiced by Hezbollah or al Qaeda. Islam is the religion of the majority in most of these countries. Religious intolerance also implies a sacred right to iconoclasm and becomes central to the identity of rogue elements. Pakistani system has nothing to do with Islam. As weaker factions of society enjoy fundamental civil liberties, the state’s legitimacy is reinforced.

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