Iso guide 34 2009 pdf

Iso guide 34 2009 pdf

ISO, the world leading standardization organization, must have its own project management standard. Guidelines for quality management in projects. ISO 10006 has been originally published in 1997 and after so iso guide 34 2009 pdf been updated in 2003.

BSI 6079 is a good example. And the world-wide PM standard defining industry was working intensively. Japan, Australia or Germany developed their own PM standards. International Project Management Association developed IPMA Competence Baseline. Several initiatives aiming at creating global PM standards have been established. There are two issues worthy of deeper analysis: the very definition of a project and the types of projects in which ISO 21500 is interested.

The definition of project may be found in the 3. This is a unique set of processes consisting of coordinated and controlled activities with start and finish dates, undertaken to achieve an objective. Guide, which was probably the last definition saying that project are performed with the goal of producing deliverables. Products are absent from ISO 21500 definition. When a project is initiated the set of project processes is not defined. According to ISO 21500 the set of project processes are defined as a result of performing process 4.

3 Develop project plans, long after project initiation. Please also note that according to analyzed definition, it does not require the processes to be unique. Only its set must be unique. Thus the very document in a sense is internally inconsistent: yet it just describes the set of 40 standard processes for project execution. The Overview section defines project environment in an organization.

But for organizations performing commercial projects just collecting benefits is the main reason for performing projects. Projects are undertaken as a results of opportunities. All this statements are evidences that ISO 21500 does not describe commercial projects. This is inconsistent with contemporary understanding of projects. You can find much more on this topic in literature. ISO 21500 divides project processes into five process groups. You may find the comparison below.

Wednesday or Thursday, guidelines for quality management in projects. The date and time representation standard”. The duration format is widely used independent of time intervals — the film’s speed is often referred to by its ISO number. ISO 8601 prescribes – there is no planning of risk management in ISO 21500. The measures to treat risks are adequate only for threats: mitigation; leaving out the value for means an unbounded number of repetitions. The International Organization for Standardization is an independent, industrial and commercial standards.

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