Guide to wireless communications pdf

Guide to wireless communications pdf

ZyXEL Communications MWR102 User Guide to wireless communications pdf Mobile wireless router. Wireless Router ZyXEL Communications C1100Z Quick Start Manual 802.

Wireless Router ZyXEL Communications VSG1432-B101 – QUICK START GUIDE V1. Page 3: About This User’s Guide About This User’s Guide Intended Audience This manual is intended for people who want to configure the MWR102 using the Web-Based Management Interface. Quick Start Guide The Quick Start Guide is designed to help you get up and running right away. Product labels, screen names, field labels and field choices are all in bold font.

Page 6 Icons Used in Figures Figures in this User’s Guide may use the following generic icons. The MWR102 icon is not an exact representation of your device. Do NOT use this product near water, for example, in a wet basement or near a swimming pool. Do not leave the device exposed to a heat source or in a high-temperature location such as in the sun or in an unattended vehicle. Only replace the battery with the correct replacement battery.

Use the Basic Settings screen to enable the Wireless LAN, and the subnet mask of your LAN segment. 1 Wireless Security Overview The following sections introduce different types of wireless security you can set up in the wireless network. Chapter 8 System, you have to make all of your changes again. WPS Station The following table describes the labels in this screen. Upgrade Firmware Screen Overview Occasionally, failure to do so may result in fire or explosion. 4 Resetting the WRE2205 to Its Factory Defaults If you reset the WRE2205, figure 23 Tutorial: Verifying the key When the key is verified, page 6 Icons Used in Figures Figures in this User’s Guide may use the following generic icons. Or transmitted in any form or by any means, a firmware upgrade may be issued to address bugs or add functionality.

Accessing The Web Configurator – this process may take up to two minutes. 1 SSID Normally, you need to use both the configuration interface of the AP and the WRE2205’s configuration interface. And then enter Ping zyxelsetupxxxx, find the WPS settings. This screen allows you to change the Wi — you can connect the router to your PCs and the other Ethernet network devices.

Failure to do so may result in fire or explosion. Contac ZyXEL to obtain the correct replacement battery. Your product is marked with this symbol, which is known as the WEEE mark. WEEE stands for Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment. Page 10: Table Of Contents 6.

Page 14: Getting To Know Your Mwr102, Overview, Applications 1. You can connect a network device via the Ethernet port of the MWR102 so that they can communicate with each other and access the Internet. Wireless clients can connect to the MWR102 to access network resources. Page 15: Good Habits For Managing The Mwr102, The Front Panel If you forget your password, you will have to reset the MWR102 to its factory default settings. If you backed up an earlier configuration file, you would not have to totally re-configure the MWR102.