Fission and fusion pdf

Fission and fusion pdf

Most of the mainstream fusion reactors, e. In this way, feel free to fission and fusion pdf severely the proposed concept, no personal attacks, be logical and rational, in order to keep a healthy argumentation.

Up to this time, there was no nuclear fusion reactor designed for using multiphase alternating electric currents to produce radially and axially moving magnetic fields resulting in helicoidal moving force to both accelerate and confine plasma of charged particles. And externally connected to the distal extremities: a set of electron guns, energy converters, and multistage ion collectors. The magnetic fields prevent the plasma pellets from touching on the inner walls of the electromagnet. 0, there is just electrostatic induction, insignificant power consumption to keep ideal conditions for the fusion to occur efficiently.

If the two set of ions sources ionize fusion fuel with pre-defined charge-to-mass ratio. Internally, the electromagnet bore is in electrostatic equilibrium, just the magnetic fields prevent the plasma from touching on the inner walls, hence after the charged plasma pellets have got full kinetic energy due to the electrostatic acceleration, the electromagnet bore act as a drift-tube. Theoretically, the more electrically charged ions tend to surround the plasma surface enclosing the neutral atoms inside the pellet. The Energy Converter also uses multiphase coils but with purpose of decelerating for converting kinetic energy into electric power.

The speed of moving forces is calculated to be very slow and toward the multistage collectors. Wherein the fast fusion byproducts boost the slow moving magnetic fields produced by the multiphase coils, thereby electrodynamically transferring energy to be effectively harvested by diode bridge rectifiers of the system. Electromagnets in steady-state mode instead of pulsed mode. Electrostatic acceleration instead of magnetic compression, wisdom instead of brute force, which leads to a more efficient energy usage to surpass the breakeven point.

Aneutronic Fusion is clean and safe, only a minimum of radiation shielding is required. The multiphase accelerators are to induce 150keV each one, the electrostatic acceleration is to induce 150keV at each side, totalizing 600keV. As previously said the magnetic fields can withstand very high-temperature ion plasma preventing the hot plasma from touching on the inner walls of the reactor’s core. Aneutronic Fusion – clean and safe, harder to do, but not so difficult after all. The advanced embodiment is conceptually similar to the two-pole embodiment, except that it has fourteen accelerators instead of two, which gives it a quasi-isotropic confinement and injection that make the concept more powerful without the need of electrostatic acceleration.

Following the calculations, the multiphase accelerator alone is energetic enough to achieve fusion ignition. The advanced embodiment is comprised by a set of fourteen energy converters and multiphase accelerators disposed at faces of a truncated octahedron. The truncated octahedron has eight magnets with bore placed at the hexagonal faces to form quadrupole fields in the square faces where each pair of opposite-sided quadrupole are in quadrature, i. Virtually, it is the most dense and environmentally friendly energy source. 4 gas, which can ascend above the ozone layer and maybe escape to the outer space and be swept by the solar wind.

Hereafter, the Phase-shift Plasma Turbine powered by the aneutronic fusion reactor, fueled with p-B11, can provide a powerful and safe propulsion means to start a seek for helium-3 in our solar system. Please choose “full-screen high-definition” for best viewing. A Brief History and Review of Accelerators”. The Physics of Inertial Fusion: Beam Plasma Interaction, Hydrodynamics, Hot Dense Matter”.

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