8d problem solving methodology pdf

8d problem solving methodology pdf

Synectics is a problem solving methodology that stimulates thought processes of which the subject may be unaware. This method was developed by George M. Success” was defined as getting a creative solution that the group was committed to implement. The 8d problem solving methodology pdf Synectics comes from the Greek and means “the joining together of different and apparently irrelevant elements.

Gordon and Prince named both their practice and their new company Synectics, which can cause confusion as people not part of the company are trained and use the practice. While the name was trademarked, it has become a standard word for describing creative problem solving in groups. Synectics is a way to approach creativity and problem-solving in a rational way. Traditionally, the creative process has been considered after the fact The Synectics study has attempted to research creative process in vivo, while it is going on.

Individual and group creativity are analogous. With these assumptions in mind, Synectics believes that people can be better at being creative if they understand how creativity works. One important element in creativity is embracing the seemingly irrelevant. Emotion is emphasized over intellect and the irrational over the rational.

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Through understanding the emotional and irrational elements of a problem or idea, a group can be more successful at solving a problem. Prince emphasized the importance of creative behaviour in reducing inhibitions and releasing the inherent creativity of everyone. He and his colleagues developed specific practices and meeting structures which help people to ensure that their constructive intentions are experienced positively by one another. He expressed his central principle as: “Trust things that are alien, and alienate things that are trusted. As an invention tool, Synectics invented a technique called “springboarding” for getting creative beginning ideas. Synectics is more demanding of the subject than brainstorming, as the steps involved imply that the process is more complicated and requires more time and effort.

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